The use of the present website is subject to the following conditions, an integral part of which is the section entitled “Data Protection Policy”. It is pointed out that the visitor/customer is obliged to read, comprehend and accept all the terms of use. Note that the use of the present website is only allowed to people capable of legal acts according to the law. The terms of use form the contract-agreement between the visitor/customer and our company for browsing through our website and purchasing products. In case the visitor does not agree with the terms of use of our website. He/she ought not to make use of the services and its content. It is clarified that our company reserves the right to change the content of the company at any time without warning. Consequently, BEFORE browsing through the present website and BEFORE any transaction, the visitor should read, accept and comply with the following terms every single time. The acceptance of the following conditions takes the place of the signature of the written agreement. In case the visitor/customer disagrees with any of the following terms, they should not browse through our website and proceed to any transactions, and they should not register their personal data both in the present website and in no other website our company is the administrator of (see below “Links”) thus including the Newsletter service. For any clarification about information regarding the content of the terms of use of the website, you are given the opportunity to communicate via the means defined below.

  1. The Company.

Our company with the business name “Manta Sofia” and the trade name “Sofia Manta Creations”, established in Nafplio, conducts the sale and promotion of the products shown on the present website. Our shop is located in 4 Plapouta Street, Nafplio (Postal Code 21100). Our business manufactures and markets all kinds of shoes, bags and other accessories (hereinafter “products”) in Greece and Cyprus.

The content of the present website (photos, logos, texts, videos, graphics, etc.,  with the exception of the intellectual property  rights of third parties on the products marketed and sold by the company, is intellectual property product and it is protected by the law (Copyright MANTA SOFIA 2020). It is strictly forbidden to, wholly or partly, use, republish, store, copy, distribute and share photos, adverts, posts or other announcements for marketing purposes, without the written consent of the owner of the website.

  1. Links to other Websites (LINKS).

The website contains links to websites of third parties (Links). The Links supply by our company does not mean approval of their content and our company does not bear any responsibility regarding the availability or content of these websites or for any possible damage as a consequence of the use of their content. These links concern mainly the navigation through the social media sites of our company (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube). Links are exclusively provided to facilitate the users. The users visit these websites at their own risk after previously having been informed about their terms of use and the Data Protection Policy they follow.

Our company has the right to promote and show products of other companies on the present website if the content of these advertisements is directly related to our activity and is not abusive, pornographic or misleading.

The visitor’s/customer’s subscription to the Newsletter of our company is not obligatory. It is up to the visitor’s discretion to enter their full name and email address in order to receive promotional-advertising messages for our products by us. The subscription to the Newsletter of our company, combined with the active acceptance of the terms of use and data protection policy, indicate the visitor’s explicit consent for the use of the service mentioned above. At any moment, the visitor/customer who subscribed to the above service of promotional-advertising messages, can unsubscribe at no cost and stop receiving such messages by notifying our company via an email message at mantasofi@yahoo.gr .

  1. Terms of Service.
  • Conclusion of contract:To form a sales contract, the customer should show their interest (product purchase offer) in our products by electronic means and upon the necessary browsing actions on our website by choosing the product(s) to their liking.

The acceptance of the customer’s proposal concerning the purchase of a product on our behalf, and the completion of their order is done exclusively and only by sending  an confirmation email to them (SMS, or email message, or other electronic means).

Yet, we hold the right to reject the order processing without any consequences for our company, even if we have previously confirmed the order via an email message. In this case, the customer is notified in good time and we refund any sum of money they have paid.

As for the transfer of ownership of the products to the customer, it is always done with the full payment of the price of the product(s). In any case, it is clarified that the customer/visitor is not obliged to sign up or create an account on the website www.sofiamanta.com in order for the transaction processing with our shop to be completed.

  • Shipment of products and payment methods: Our company sends the customer’s purchase product(s) throughout Greece free of charge through associate transportation companies (Courier).

Shipment of products to Cyprus costs 7 euro for products up to 2 kilos. For products over two kilos the customer is informed about the shipping charges during the final payment of the product on our website.

Shipment to other countries (outside Greece and Cyprus) is charged with shipment charges which the customer is informed about prior to order acceptance.

In the case of shipment to the address dictated by the customer, payment can be done on delivery, by depositing money to a bank account, by debit or credit card or by PayPal. Note that payment on delivery is not an option for transactions in Cyprus and other countries.

It is pointed out that for purchases of over 500 euro, where the use of bank payment instruments is necessary according to the applicable legislation, payment on delivery is not available.

  • Return of products: The customer can return the purchased products to us within 15 days from the day of deliver, via the same transportation company and at their own expense of 7 euro, providing that they are in the perfect condition they were when delivered. In this case, after the returned product is checked and it is in the perfect condition it was, our company offsets the expense paid by the customer for the return of the product (7 euro) with the price of the product. Refund is always given via the bank to the account from which the deposit was done or, in case another payment method was used, the customer indicates the bank account in which they wish to receive the money  to our company.


Replacement-change is possible within 3 days from delivery. Replacement-change is done providing that the product under replacement is in the perfect condition it was on delivery to the buyer. In this case, the replacement-change, within the above time-limit is free of charge, with products of lower, equal or higher value.

 For replacement of a product with a product or products of lower value, our company refunds the arising financial difference to the buyer by any appropriate means.

For products of higher value, replacement-change is done providing the extra financial difference is paid by any appropriate means.

  1. Exclusion-Limitation of Responsibility.


  • Browsing through the website: Our company is not responsible for any kind of damage the visitor/customer may suffer from by browsing through the present website, nor, of course, for possible malfunctions related to the user’s software or the Internet availability. Likewise, we do not guarantee that the website and any other sites through which the content is at the visitor’s/customer’s disposal, is given without “viruses”. Only the visitor/customer is responsible for the restoration or rectification of such problems.
  • Delayed delivery of products:The company makes any possible effort to deliver the customers’ products in good time, committed to your fastest service possible. However, we do not undertake any responsibility in the event of delayed delivery of the orders.


  • Lack of stock- order cancellation: Our company is not responsible for the non-existence of adequate stock. Our policy requires that we inform the customer about the existence of stock in time and afterwards we confirm the order or not. However, in any case, we do not bear any responsibility for either any likely product withdrawal from the present website or the refusal to execute or accept an order, even if we have previously sent a confirmation message.


  • Real faults and not meeting terms agreed to: Before executing each order we check our products in order to ensure that they do not have absolutely any fault or they are not deprived of any terms agreed to if something like this is the content of our agreement. Our company is exempted in advance from real faults and not meeting of terms agreed to if they are due to slight negligence.


  • Responsibility during delivery: Our company is responsible for the possible destruction or loss of products until their delivery to the transportation company (Courier). When these products are delivered to the courier or when they are directly delivered from our shop  to the customer, we are not responsible for any loss, exacerbation, destruction or other damage to the products, even If it is due  to random event. This forecast does not only apply to cases of delivery of products, but also to their return by the customer or their replacement within the aforementioned time-limit. In such cases, the customer takes the risk of any random destruction or damage to the products. If the courier cannot detect the customer’s address, the product is then kept by the courier under its terms and with possible extra cost for the customer.
  1. Personal Data.

For the conclusion of a sale contract with our company, the customer is obliged to notify us about their absolutely necessary personal data, that is, their name, surname phone number, email address, home address and maybe the tax payer identification number in cases of invoicing, number of bank account, IBAN and the number of the credit or debit card (see details in section “Personal Data Protection Policy”). The management and protection of the visitor’s/customer’s personal data on the website (including cookies) is subject to the conditions which are included the “Personal Data Protection Policy”.

  1. Applicable Law and jurisdiction.

 Any judicial dispute that may arise concerning the implementation or interpretation of the above terms will be governed by the Greek Law and will be resolved in the courts of Nafpio, Greece.

  1. Contact us.

The use of the present website gives us the right to contact the visitor/customer, when they have given us their contact details, every time we think it is needed by the transactions requirements. The customer is able to contact our company promptly for any issue that may concern them on the telephone number 2752300306 during the hours and days mentioned on the present website or via e-mail at mantasofia@yahoo.gr.

  1. Visitor’s/Customer’s Declaration.

The visitor/customer declares that all the information given by them during the use of the present website is accurate and true. Also, they declare that both for navigation and for any transaction with our shop they IMPLICITLY ACCEPT the whole content of the present terms of use.


      5.Pricing Policy.

 The prices that are available in Brandbags are the final ones, 24%VAT included, and they are in the Euro currency. The company retain the right to change the prices with no previous warning. The user is dealing with the Company under the pricing condition that were into effect during the time of order, regardless of the fact that they might have been  altered subsequently.




Cookies are small text files that are stored in your browser during your browsing through on Brandbags. Like most websites, Brandbags uses cookies to identify the user and offer personalized services, such as automatic identification of the subscribed user after logging in or, the automatic identification during purchasing products. Depending on their duration, cookies can be “temporary” (session cookies) or “permanent” (persistent cookies).

Our company uses “temporary cookies” for identifying the subscribed user automatically after their logging in or, the secure navigation on other sites, as well as during purchasing products, as these cookies are necessary for the function of the cart. They are stored in your computer or a relevant electronic device during your visit to Brandbags and they are deleted when you leave the site. Moreover, we use “permanent cookies” to improve the services of the present website and to provide each customer with online content related to their choices and interests. They remain in your computer or electronic device longer than the temporary ones and the user/visitor must delete them.

In order to be able to offer the best quality of services to the customer, our company uses Google Analytics, Skroutz Analytics, Linkwise, Bestprice and Hotjar services.  Through these services, anonymous statistics of use are shared to the above companies, while the data received from this service is under the privacy policy of the companies, which is posted on their site.

In the settings menu of most browsing systems there are instructions you must follow in order to delete the cookies from your computer.


The terms and conditions described are valid for all the products that can be purchased on the present e-shop of the company in Greece via Brandbags.

In case the customer is not satisfied with the purchase they made on Brandbags, they have the right to return the product for any reason via the same method with which they received their order. Returns are accepted within 14 working days since the day of delivery of the order. In every case, the company is responsible for delivery return costs. The product must be packaged and in its initial condition in order for the return to be accepted (including all the accompanying forms). At this point, it is pointed out that after the aforementioned check and only then, the Company will be able to judge if the return of the product will be accepted and the relevant actions and procedures, as they are described below, will be arranged by informing the customer.

For your best and fastest convenience you had better contact the Company, as well as send the receipt and retail forms with the goods you are returning.

Refund will be done exactly in the same way the purchase was made. In the case of paying on delivery, the money will be refunded in a bank account. In any case, the refund is done within 5 working days since the date when the product returned to the Company. However, if the customer chooses to reserve the product through phone and by depositing a 50% of the price advance, the product is bound for 30 days, while if there is no deposit of advance, the product binding is for 5 days. If, however, after the pass of the specific time period as described above, the customer has not collected the product yet, then it is withdrawn without refunding the advance to them.

Also, the customer has the right to cancel the order at any moment before it is shipped. In case, except for paying on delivery, the payment has been done by credit or debit card or by bank deposit, refund will be done in the same way. Furthermore, our customers are given the option to maintain the credit at Brandbags without taking back the relevant amount of money. In this case, the use of this credit, must be done within 3 months. Otherwise, after the three-month period,  it is lost.